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13th Annual UK meeting on
Integrable Models,
Conformal Field Theory
and Related Topics

Oxford University, April 3-4 2009

The meeting is the thirteenth in a series of annual 2-day meetings on this topic. The main aims of the meeting are:
  • The dissemination, explanation and discussion of recent exciting results in this field.
  • To promote communication and collaboration within the UK Integrable Models and Conformal Field Theory community, and to bring mathematicians and physicists working in this area together.
  • To act as a forum for young researchers to present their work and to become known and integrated into the community.
Invited Speakers
Eddy Ardonne (NORDITA, Stockholm)
Matthias Gaberdiel (ETH, Zurich)
Romuald Janik (Jagellonian University, Krakow)
Jean-Michel Maillet (ENS, Lyon)
Scientific Organisers
Peter Bowcock (Durham)
John Cardy (Oxford)
Patrick Dorey (Durham)
Andreas Fring (City)
Niall Mackay (York)
Anne Taormina (Durham)
Gerard Watts (Kings)
Robert Weston (Heriot-Watt)
Supported by
The Mathematical and Theoretical Physics group of the Institute of Physics
The London Mathematical Society
Oxford University
All Souls College, Oxford
Local organisers
John Cardy
Fabian Essler
John Wheater
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